As with almost all swingers’ websites, new members can sign up either a single person or as a couple
As with almost all swingers’ websites, new members can sign up either a single person or as a couple
As with almost all swingers' websites, new members can sign up either a single person or as a couple
  • Local, national and international event listings
  • Rendezvous and Travel features for easy short-term hookups
  • Large, active user base
  • Few personality driven questions on profiles
  • Can't see profiles on free account
  • Few people available to chat

Editor's Summary

Kasidie is a website made for swingers, primarily couples, who want to meet up with other swingers for sexual encounters and social events. The site has an overtly sexual vibe, with the tag line “Sexually social” and individual page slogans like “Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later.” One of the largest swinging websites on openingszin XMatch the internet, Kasidie features a number of ways to encounter other swingers.

Upon creating your profile, you'll be asked to specify your level of interest in a wide variety of sexual activities, with plenty of swinger lingo like “soft swap” and “hall pass.” New members are specifically told they're welcome to post explicit photos in their albums, and the profiles you create are very geared towards establishing sexual preferences rather than other lifestyle considerations.

For meeting other members, a variety of options are available. The Rendezvous feature allows you to post your availability and desire for short-term encounters, which you can rate on a scale of 1 to 5 on the “Sexometer,” which accompanies each posting. A similar feature can be found for traveling members, who can post their destination and availability.

For members looking for group encounters or social events, there's also the option of posting parties, which other members could request invitations to. There are also three categories of events: club events (which are filtered by your location), national events and even international events (such as the Sexy Olympics in Jamaica, or nudist music festivals in Mexico). Members can also meet via direct message through search and chat rooms, or be part of one of the hundreds of various groups on the site.

We also have to give a mention here to the bizarre “discreet” version of Kasidie, which is KatsCity and is available at Katscity; it allows you to browse the website through a cat-and-dogs theme, with all the photos replaced by puppies or kittens.

Sign-Up Process

Sign-up is relatively fast, although users must upload a profile photo to proceed, which is a slow and clunky process, particularly if using larger file types. Users must also specify a valid, recognized city, which also isn't seamless; it didn't recognize “New York, New York” as a valid place at the beginning. Once through, though, you'll be presented with a questionnaire asking roughly 30-40 questions about what you like sexually, and rating each sex act on a scale from 0-5, with everything from “handjobs” to “Let's make a video!” to “erotic emails.”


Aside from standard options like chat and instant message, the Rendezvous and Travel features are useful for couples looking for short-term sexual encounters both at home and while traveling. Parties, club events and national/international getaways also provide ways to connect with other members. With few people on chat at any time, the emphasis on this site is more on meeting up to have sex in real life than messaging through the site.

Key Features

- Rendezvous feature for local hook-ups - Travel feature for short-term meetings in other cities - Events listings for local, national and international events - Extensive sexual preferences section of profile - Shopping section for toys, lingerie & accessories

Safety & Security

Real names are not used in profiles. Users can have profile photos with blocked out or blurred out sections if they want to conceal their identity. All messaging is hosted on the website's internal email system. Users may block or report suspicious members. For more information, check out the website's Privacy Policy and check out the Frequently Asked Questions as well.


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