5. FapChat � Easiest Way to Trade Nudes and Jerk Off
5. FapChat � Easiest Way to Trade Nudes and Jerk Off
5. FapChat � Easiest Way to Trade Nudes and Jerk Off

Short for �Seeking Arrangement,� Seeking is an online dating site that hooks attractive young women up with men (many of whom are twice their age at least) that are willing to spoil them in exchange for companionship.

While that per on your enthusiasm level, it makes the women just as excited to strike up a conversation as the men, which is rare on dating sites.

You'll have to pay to play with any woman you connect with, but the two of you can negotiate an arrangement that works for you both. If all you want to do is sext, then you shouldn't have any shortage of lovely ladies to choose from.

You can sext using their messaging system, but it's likely to be clunkier than some of your other options. You're better off using Seeking to find your sugar baby and then taking the action to another platform.

They also have a video chat feature, but it can only be used by people who have already connected with one another.

If you want to put a face (and body) to the person you're sexting with, FapChat is the way to go. It's a webcam community that allows you to watch up to 16 feeds at once, which is great for group chatting.

You can limit yourself to one-on-one video chatting as well if you want something more intimate. There's also the option of offline mailing if you want to take things more slowly.

In addition to the feeds, they also offer private chat rooms, so you can focus on that if sexting is what you're after.

FapChat is a wonderful option for any adults that want to talk dirty, but if you're only interested in sexting, you may find it lacking.

6. BeNaughty � Women Can Exclusively Sext with Cool and Sexy Guys

BeNaughty is a hookup site that attempts to put the power in the woman's hands. Ladies can message men for free, while men have to pay for the privilege of reaching out.

You'll have to pay for a lot of things on the site, in fact, like the ability to see other users' photos.

Most of the profiles are pretty bland, so you'll need to take a leap of faith (or just rely on their profile pic) before reaching out to someone.

Many of the women on BeNaughty are looking for a serious relationship, but there are plenty of ladies who'd be willing to spend hours chatting with you if you're interesting enough.

7. NoStringsAttached � NSA free local hookup sites that work Discreet Sexting in An Intimate Setting

Much like Ashley Madison, NoStringsAttached was created for arital partners. However, they offer the option of �virtual encounters� as well as short-term hookups.

You have to pay a monthly fee, and in exchange, you'll be able to contact members as well as watch their videos and spy on their pictures.

Women are extremely active in terms of loading videos and hosting cam sessions on the site, so you've got a good chance of finding someone willing to talk to you. However, some of these ladies are pros, so while they'll happily spend all day sexting with you, they won't do it for free.

While NoStringsAttached is certainly a good place to have fun, Ashley Madison's larger user base may make it the better option at this time.

8. Snapchat � Most Popular Way to Sext Some Freaky Things

Popular with teens, Snapchat is usually considered a way to communicate with people you already know rather than a good way to find new friends. However, it doesn't take much to expand your social circle using the app.


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