Marcus and Ashley Kusi recognize that 1st season of marriage can be a very difficult seasons
Marcus and Ashley Kusi recognize that 1st season of marriage can be a very difficult seasons
Marcus and Ashley Kusi recognize that 1st season of marriage can be a very difficult seasons

Their own marriage podcast is different because it is specialized in newlyweds and partners inside their first few several years of relationships.

Discover a myriad of great adultspace periods on this podcast, like tips remain true for your spouse, ideas on how to talk efficiently, and how to endure property foreclosure on a property (Derek and Carrie had been interviewed within one).

Honorable Mention: Wedding Much More Podcast

Yep, we began podcasting this past year about the relationships, and contains been a complete blast. We've talked about the journey to adoption, instruction we have now read after 10 years of relationships, and even more.

Really, there you may have they. Tune in, i am aware we noted plenty of podcasts on right here, but we encourage one render everyone of these a shot. Who knows, you simply will discover multiple favorites while making the marriage so much more!


Wow! I'm recognized are included! Yeah... positively an original concept... created for a couple of very awkward talks using my partner's side of the family once they expected the thing I'd become doing recently...

And promoting my book to my mother-in-law was a completely new standard of shameful! I wound up choosing aˆ?sorry about pages 81-142,aˆ? that's where you can find my personal aˆ?confessions.aˆ?

Recently on aˆ?Wait, Is it a romantic date?aˆ? we are signed up with by Autostraddle society publisher and my personal flirting character Shelli Nicole! Our very own main subject this week is matchmaking via Instagram and we enter the details of that was chosen by a jury of us to be the best queer dating software.

Shelli companies this lady wisdom and self-esteem. I communicate my knowledge and neuroses. And Christina try a rather suitable pupil - and lessons clown. Also to beginning you off we bring a-game of warning flags, your own attack on myself.

Shelli: basically are hanging out with someone and I also'm posting - especially if I'm sure that we submitted anything in which we hunt great that day, and you imply this has started upwards here for four-hours and I also've started scrolling and your little ass has not looked at they yet? Just what are you doing?

Christina: its a question that people're not asking adequate, some might state. In my opinion research have, states become hot, and they're saying, aˆ?we do not discover. We simply do not know.aˆ? Drew, you should tell the people who you are?

Drew: i am Drew Gregory, I'm an author for Autostraddle and I also'm a filmmaker, and I'm a trans woman, and a lesbian, and a dyke, and a faggot.

Christina: which is merely therefore tight. Im Christina Tucker, I am in addition a writer at Autostraddle. I am sort of similar to a deranged queer online. Enjoyment, recently i learned that I'm not sure how to lace upwards shoes, that was some thing I learned about my self nowadays. Really a great trip as on. I also was a lesbian, I am a Black lesbian. Furthermore types of a faggot, let's be honest.

Christina: Like let's not pretend, let's be honest. Got I experiencing a live type of aˆ?For Goodaˆ? like three mere seconds before we hopped onto this recording? No person can say for sure. There's really no proof excluding the photo I delivered Drew, but there's no evidence of it.

Christina: and this refers to called aˆ?Red Flags.aˆ? Thus I'm attending describe a discussion, a tiny bit example, individuals, a second in Drew's relationships, and that I'm simply attending offer you, we are just gonna go through this small union therewill be a couple of warning flags that come upwards, therefore're going to see what will be the red-flag that produces Drew say, aˆ?I'm around, i eventually got to refer to it as.aˆ?


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