Refuge during the area of Crete (Acts 27:7-15)
Refuge during the area of Crete (Acts 27:7-15)
Refuge during the area of Crete (Acts 27:7-15)

"You designed to damage me, but God supposed they once and for all to complete understanding now being completed, the protecting of several physical lives." (Genesis )

"we all know that in all facts Jesus works well with the nice of these exactly who like your, who've been labeled as per their reason." (Romans 8:28)

Whatever circumstances you are in, goodness knows, and goodness can work out their wonderful will while you always like and believe your, and find his uses instead of a.

10.2. Voyage to Rome (59-60 post)

Paul sails to Rome beneath the check out of a centurion known as Julius, a portion of the Imperial routine. He is apparently a legionary centurion with a few soldiers under him on the voyage, in control of Paul alongside prisoners headed for Rome.

Bruce records your ship they begin try a "coasting boat," sailing from port to port along side Mediterranean coastline, in the place of a sea-going vessel that will go out into the ocean.

Paul's ship sails from Caesarea, puts a stop to at Sidon, then goes north of Cyprus, landing at Myra. Within slot of Myra for the state of Lycia, the centurion protects passage on "an Alexandrian ship sailing for Italy" (functions 27:6). This ship is part of Rome's state-owned grain fleet, bringing necessary whole grain from Egypt to Rome. Since it is a state-owned enterprise, Julian the centurion is the finest rated individual aboard, possesses some proclaim during the trip. Paul, as a Roman resident who has appealed into the emperor, also appears to have a high status whose vocals can often be heeded.

It's late inside the month for these a trip. Right now, a good northwest wind is actually blowing, making it burdensome for these to push west across the shore of Asia Minor. They reach because much the slot of Cnidus.

Rather than prepared there for a fair wind, they sail due south to Crete, cleaning Solmone, the eastern-most section of Crete (current Cape Sidero), after which sail over the lee of the island are sheltered from stronger northwest wind. The very first harbor from wind they get a hold of has reached reasonable Havens, a little bay secured by two islands. They wait for favorable winds, however it turns out to be obvious which they defintely won't be able to completed their unique voyage to Rome this coming year. Luke notes that it's currently previous "the Fast," that is, a single day of Atonement, which in 59 post dropped on Oct fifth. Paul warns them of impending tragedy if they carry on, however they you should not listen.

Reasonable Havens does not create adequate shelter for ship to winter in. Really the only best location in the south of Crete is at Phoenix, today's Loutro Bay. And therefore the most decide to sail west across the coastline of Crete so that they can arrive at that harbor. Multiple miles to the west of Fair Havens is Cape Matala. Beyond the Cape a ship would need to become sharply north to keep up the protection from the northwest wind.

The Storm and Shipwreck (Acts -44)

Whenever they put travel from reasonable Havens around appears to have already been a gentle cinch, because they are secure by isle, but once they pass Cape Matala, and shed the protection of the close shore and high cliffs, a hurricane-force wind hits all of them and drives them from Crete and safety. Into the lee of this area of Cauda (or Clauda, existing Gavdos), they can pull their unique lifeboat aboard, and place ropes all over ship's hull to help keep it from coming apart. They decreased kit (the main mast, or, perhaps, ocean point), fearing that when these include blown along at this specific rate they'll run aground regarding the sandbars of Syrtis (which rest toward west of Cyrene, along side North African coastline).


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